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Storing Cigars

When choosing how to store your cigars, you must first ask yourself these questions:
  • Do I want this humidor for my home or office? Or, do I want two – one for each location?
  • Do I want this to match any motif in the room? Should I buy one to match the wood furniture or choose a livelier, colorful humidor to go with the room’s theme?
  • Do I want plastic, Lucite, metal, wood?
  • How many cigars do I want to store – 25, 50, 100, more?
  • Do I want a desktop humidor, a box humidor, cabinet-type; what style am I looking for?
  • Finally, what’s my budget?

After you’ve had time to consider your preferences, review your thoughts, expectations, and preferences with the salesperson. Once you’ve chosen the humidor, ask the experienced salesperson for recommendations for the proper humidification to accompany the humidor. If you don’t have the opportunity to speak directly with an experienced attendant, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Accessory options for the humidor are numerous. If it doesn’t have built-in humidification, you’ll want to decide whether to buy a humidification device. Also, decide if and what type of thermometer/hygrometer device you may want to use to monitor the humidity. You also can choose between removable humidification devices or permanent devices you secure to the humidor.

You’re done shopping and ready to roll. Choose a moist area to put your humidor – don’t go crazy, but be certain to keep it away from direct heat which may result in dryer cigars. Unpack your goodies and prepare to season the humidor for use.

To season your humidor, take a wet paper towel with distilled water and wipe down all the inside surfaces. Remember, don’t soak the humidor, just moisten it. Fill the humidification device with humidification solution and place it in the humidor; or insert the independent device. For best results, your humidor should be kept at an internal temperature of 68-70° Fahrenheit and 70% humidity which can be monitored with the hygrometer.

Finally, check the cigars and humidity regularly. Carefully note when the device needs refilling, i.e., a "fill" line. Place the cigars in the humidor generously; air needs to circulate in order to avoid mold from too much moisture. Lastly, keep the cigars in the humidor until you’re ready to smoke them.


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