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Espada by Montecristo: A Cigar of Pure Taste and True Elegance

Combining centuries of knowledge with a lifetime of passion, two of the greatest names in the premium tobacco industry join for an unrivaled, hand-rolled cigar.

Blended by Montecristo’s world famous Grupo de Maestros and constructed with vintage tobaccos specially aged by Plasencia family. Espada by Montecristo offers a rich, complex and deeply satisfying smoke.

This truly unique and remarkable collaboration between cigar masters has created an exciting new chapter in the illustrious story of Montecristo, and a premium cigar that is not to be missed. Espada, which means “sword” in Spanish, is the first Montecristo with all of its tobacco coming from Nicaragua — a country celebrated for its robust and sweet tobaccos that are a product of the varying microclimates.   

The Wrapper

Shade-Grown on the prized El Cortez farm in the region of Jalapa, the sandy soil and mountainous terrain produce a beautiful reddish-brown wrapper that has been aged to perfection for a elastic and shiny leaf with silky texture and a good burn.

“Wrappers require patience and time. The slow fermentation process enables them to become uniform in color, burn properly, while maintaining the tobaccos natural shine and oils,” says Nestor Plasencia, “The wrappers rolled on the Espada are the finest that Nicaragua has to offer.”

The Binder

Jalapa produces the best-burning tobaccos grown in Nicaragua with excellent aromatic characteristics. The Jalapa binders for the Espada were aged for a minimum of three years to ensure the tobacco burns freely and evenly.

Filler Blend

The carefully selected filler blend consists of tobaccos grown in the Nicaraguan regions of Ometepe, Jalapa and Condega. The tobaccos from each of these regions impart distinctive tastes, aromas and burn characteristics to create a flavorful, well-balanced masterpiece.

Located in Lake Nicaragua, two towering volcanoes dominate the skyline of the island of Ometepe. Centuries of ash create extremely fertile soil, and the fresh lake waters provide the island with a humid climate perfect for tobacco. Ometepe tobacco is bold with a signature sweetness that is thoughtfully highlighted in the Espada blend.

Complementing the Jalapa wrapper, the tobacco in the filler blend offers good burning qualities with an enticing aroma, and provides the blend with a free-burning tobacco to ensure a beautiful, solid white ash.

The region of Condega is situated near the border of Honduras. Here, the soil is heavy and the climate is hot and sunny, producing a tobacco that is bold and fuller-bodied. Ligero tobacco, the leaves found near the top of the plant that are bolder thanks to sun exposure, makes the Espada robust and lively.

Combining the famous tobacco-growing family of Nestor Plasencia, the blending expertise of Grupo de Maestros and the excellent quality of Nicaraguan tobacco, the new Espada offers a different approach to creating an excellent cigar, but the results are truly worthy of the Montecristo name. Pick one up and enjoy a cigar of pure taste and true elegance.

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