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All About Ash

One of the most subtle arts of premium cigars is ashing. It can affect the cigar’s burn rate, draw and more. If you are new to the world of premium tobacco or just want a refresher, read on.

High Quality Ash

A cigar that is of high-quality will reflect itself in its ash. While smoking cigars, there are a few qualities to look out for within the burn. The first thing you should notice is the color. Many cigar experts believe that white ash is preferred over gray. Tobacco grown in rich, nutrient-filled soil produces white ash. There’s no need to fret if your ash is not white though, gray ash can be perfectly fine.

The construction of the ash is also important. Good ash is solid (sometimes even stiff) and does not bend or break. It should be shaped very similarly to the cigar itself. Poor ash is flaky and will not hold well. This is indicative of how well the cigar was rolled. Keeping ashes long can be a point of pride among veteran cigar enthusiasts because it requires skill to handle and smoke the cigar smoothly. Some think the longer the ash, the better!

How to Ash Properly

Unlike other tobacco products, cigar ash doesn’t need to be constantly flicked off. When it is time to ash, simply rest the cigar against the side of an ashtray and gently turn it. Take care not to press too hard, which may damage the cigar itself. The ash should simply break off easily. Ashing should be very easy and shouldn’t extinguish the cigar’s flame.

Like anything else in premium cigars, ash deserves your close attention. It is an indicator of high-quality.. Next time you light up, take a look at your ash, it will tell you a lot about what went into the stogie you hold in your hand.

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