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Tobacco Regions: Nicaragua

Learning about the various countries that produce tobacco used to make premium cigars should be a requirement for any burgeoning adult cigar enthusiast. Today, we focus on the country of Nicaragua, a region that has persevered through political strife and natural disasters to become a well-regarded tobacco producer. The Central American country possesses one of the best climates for growing tobacco in the world, which is why their famously bold and rich tobacco is some of the most sought-after in the premium cigar world.

The two main factors that make Nicaragua such a paradise for growing tobacco are the country’s soil and its variety of microclimates. Soil is one of the most important components in the process of farming and harvesting of tobacco. Nicaraguan soil is volcanic in origin, which provides a number of important nutrients that assist in the growth of tobacco plants. The climates of the country range from quite warm to milder temperatures, which allow the farming of a variety of tobaccos with different tastes and burning characteristics.

The three main cigar tobacco growing regions are the Jalapa, Estelí and Condega valleys.

A farm in the Jalapa Valley

In the Jalapa Valley the weather is calm and mild because of its close proximity to the mountainous terrain of the country. The soil is sandy with light colors and is easy to work with. This combination of soil and climate results in light tobacco with an excellent aroma and a subtle note of sweetness. These conditions make Jalapa ideal for growing wrappers known for their spectacular flavor with elasticity, body and shine.

A filler farm in Esteli

The Estelí Valley is different story. Here one can find rich and heavy soil with hot and humid weather. Estelí produces leaves used primarily for making filler and binder tobacco. These tobaccos, famous for their strength and punch, are an essential component for master blenders to use in creating a complex and flavorful premium cigar.

Just a bit northwest of Esteli is Condega, home to numerous tobacco fields and factories. In terms of strength and aroma, the tobacco grown in Condega is a happy medium between the boldness of Esteli and mildness of Jalapa. The tobacco in Condega is typically sun-grown and used primarily for filler and binder.

Though quite small, the country of Nicaragua is among the world’s leading producers of quality tobacco. Nicaragua is proof of the old saying “good things come in small packages.” The Casa de Garcia Nicaragua and the Romeo y Julieta Reserve are just two examples of incredible cigars created with Nicaraguan tobacco.


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