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Happy Herfing

Rookie to veteran cigar smokers, The Cigar Life has them all. Because the cigar experience of The Cigar Lifers runs the gamut from a little to decades, whenever we mention a herf, there are always a few brave people who raise their hands and ask, “What’s a herf?”

Herfing is just a fancy term for cigar party. Getting a group together specifically to smoke and talk about premium cigars. Don’t ask where the word comes from because in all my years of smoking cigars, I’ve never found its origin. We’ll give a box of cigars to anyone who knows and can provide an answer that we can substantiate.

Herfs can range from casual to formal. They can be as simple as two guys on a porch or a couple of people playing cards to a big event with enjoying cigars and sharing stories.

Now, that spring is here it’s a perfect time to start thinking about throwing a BBQ herf. Throw some meat on the grill, grab some drinks and herf some new cigars like the A. Turrent Triple Play or a Siglo Limited Reserve.

If you throw or attend a herf, take pictures and post them on The Cigar Life Facebook Page.

Happy Herfing from TCL. 


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Gar Pickering
08:17AM / Apr 19, 2011

From my research, it seems that the word entered into the cigar smoking lexicon through a cigar smokers forum, and became “viral” in it’s spreading through the world wide web of “herfers.”

This is said to be that post:
” I bought a Canaria d’Oro(sic?)Robusto out of curiousity
> and it was really a horrible, stale,grassy smoke with a
> peed-on taste.  I gave it about 2 inches before I put it
> out.  Also, anything Macanudo…I tried several when I
> first began smoking cigars and found them all to be very
> bland and almost impossible to herf, they were so tightly
> wrapped.  I think the list of `Mediocre Smokes’ for most
> folks would be huge. “

This link chronicles the evolution of the word

It may not prove true, but it’s my answer.

Dave Breiner
08:25AM / Apr 19, 2011

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