Victor Avila

While you may not know his name, Victor Avila has been an instrumental force behind some of today’s most popular cigars. As the Handmade Cigar Operations Manager, he is tasked with overseeing the creation of excellent smokes at the largest premium cigar factory in the world – Tabacalera de Garcia.

Working in La Romana in the Dominican Republic, Avila is proud of his work as a member of the Grupo de Maestros. Together with these renowned cigar masters, Avila has created countless well-known blends including ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo Epic and The Banker by H. Upmann. Born out of teamwork and exceptional knowledge, these cigars have become legendary across the world.

Coming from generations of tobacco farmers, Avila has been involved in the world of premium cigars for more than 42 years. From the first cigar he ever smoked, Avila has felt an intense passion for the pleasures of each new stick. Through decades of experience, he has risen from a Connecticut Tobacco Preparation Supervisor to hold a position respected by thousands of employees.

As the Handmade Cigar Operations Manager, Avila oversees every step of crafting premium cigars. With a responsibility that stretches from the first tobacco leaves to the handmade boxes that will hold the finished cigars, only the most knowledgeable experts may hold this coveted position. For Avila, every days of hard work is paid off by the joy that each stick will create.

After smoking thousands of cigars during his years at the factory, Avila is intimately familiar with their flavors and complexities. He enjoys beginning his day with the smooth flavors of a VegaFina Regular, while the afternoon calls for a medium-bodied smoke such as the Montecristo classic. At night, he tends to choose his favorite cigar, the bold and complex ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta.

Ever since his first premium cigar, Victor Avila dreamt of the chance to work on cigars of exceptional quality. While it has taken years of learning and hard work, he has earned his place within an organization respected across the premium tobacco industry – the Grupo de Maestros.


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