Pedro Ventura

Inside the world’s largest premium cigar factor, Tabacalera de Garcia, the creation of a new cigar is always a major event. Before thousands of rollers, sorters and box makers begin work on a new blend, it falls to Product Development Manager, Pedro Ventura, to ensure the cigar lives up to the standards of the renowned factory.

Here in La Romana in the Dominican Republic, Ventura works alongside the famed Grupo de Maestros to create each new blend. Over his more than 18 years of experience, Ventura has helped developed storied cigars including the ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta, The Banker by H. Upmann and the Montecristo Espada.

For Pedro Ventura, his love of premium cigars was a case of love at first smoke. He began work at Tabacalera de Garcia as a Systems Analyst Assistant in 1997. His first job out of University, Ventura was drawn by the opportunity to expand his knowledge of fine smokes while climbing his way through the ranks. Though it has been a long journey to his current position, Ventura could not imagine working without the employees he now considers family.

Beyond his work in new product development, Ventura is heavily involved in the creation of new binders for many exceptional cigars. While the position can feel daunting at times, he relishes the challenges along with the praise his work receives around the world.

Thanks to a well-developed palate, Ventura prefers to smoke medium-full strength cigars. For a man with ready access to a huge range of quality cigars, picking a favorite is simply impossible. Instead, Ventura prefers a number of excellent cigars including the Montecristo Epic, The Banker by H. Upmann and the Grupo de Maestros by Montecristo.

With such a powerful love of fine tobacco, Pedro Ventura is driven by a passion for crafting the best cigars on earth. As Product Development Manager he remains proudly committed to the only industry he has ever known.


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