Javier Elmudesi

At the largest premium cigar factory in the world, Tabacalera de Garcia, managing a stream of thousands of hand-rolled cigars is no easy task. For factory manager Javiel Elmudesi, however, it is a work of true passion.

As the leader of the famed Grupo de Maestros, Elmudesi and his team of cigar experts have been crafting fine smokes together for over a decade. Based out of La Romana in the Dominican Republic, the team has been celebrated for a string of fantastic cigars including the ROMEO Añejo by Romeo y Julieta, the Montecristo Espada and The Banker by H. Upmann.

Elmudesi found his love of premium cigars nearly 20 years ago when he enjoyed his first VegaFina. While he experienced many fine smokes that first year, enjoying a VegaFina became a morning ritual alongside his cup of coffee. In 1998, Elmudesi chased his passions to accept his first position in Leaf Operations. After acquiring a strong knowledge of growing tobacco and inspecting the fields, Elmudesi worked his way up to administrative duties and eventually to the position of Factory Manager.

Now that he oversees a truly legendary cigar factory, Elmudesi is committed to creating not only the most exceptional smokes, but also a great life for his employees. While the position may be demanding, his greatest moments hardly feel like a job. When it comes to testing new blends along with the other Maestros, Elmudesi can hardly believe he gets paid to do what he loves most.

With one of the most refined palates of anyone on earth, Elmudesi knows that each blend has a unique personality that suits different occasions. While it is difficult to choose a favorite, he has always been drawn to the Montecristo Epic; a cigar which seems to speak to his very soul. Whether he finds himself on a relaxing stroll after dinner or finishing up a long day of work, a Montecristo Epic is always his favorite companion.

His passion for fine cigars spanning two decades, Javiel Elmudesi is committed to creating cigars he and his factory can be proud of. With a team of the world’s foremost experts behind him, he looks forward to every new challenge along with the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


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